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Welcome to Your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Webinar….

This webinar is the first part of your Equality & Diversity training. All you need to do is click the ‘download webinar’ button at the bottom of the page, make a cuppa, grab a pen and paper, and get started on the learning journey.

You will need to allow an hour and it’s important you have completed this before you attend Part 2 of the training.



What’s it all about?

The webinar explores the topic of Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity: what it means to you as an employee of B3Living; how it relates to your engagement with your customers; how it aligns with your customer Ethos and B3Living’s commitment to reduce barriers to social mobility and promote equal opportunities.


  • Explore what Equality, Diversity & Inclusion means
  • Discuss how assumptions and stereotypes impact interactions
  • Identify the fine lines between Discrimination, Harassment, Bullying and Banter
  • Prepare for Part 2 of your training

Download your Webinar

B3Living EDI Webinar

The webinar will download to your computer 'Downloads' folder. It's a large file so it may take a few minutes until you see it there.


If you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note to enquiries@righttracklearning.com. We’d love to her from you!