Mercedes Benz: Modular Sales Training

The Story

Mercedes Benz UK Truck division was in search of a bespoke sales development programme that did not replicate that generally used in the industry; in line with the brand, Mercedes required training that would stand out from their competitors. The programme had to engage the type of professional Sales person who’d ‘‘been there, seen it’’ and would almost certainly prefer to be out ‘on the road’, not sat on a training course.

There were certain criteria that the programme had to meet and compromise was not an option:

  • To build UK market share for the Mercedes Truck Brand
  • To address enhance the professional management of the sales process, territory management, customer relationships and interpersonal communication skills
  • To make continual professional development a strong focus for both new and well-established members of the Mercedes Truck sales force
  • To provide an externally recognised and certified course through by an established external body – in this instance, the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)

In the 12 months following the roll out of the training, market share increased between 1-3% across the UK regions providing a clear ROI.

“RightTrack has established its credibility and capability as a truly professional sales training provider with us all at Mercedes Benz Trucks in the UK.”

National Sales Manager

The Programme

Module 1: Managing The Business
Day One

  • Coffee and registration
  • Programme positioning and introduction to role
  • Introductions
  • Programme outline and objectives
  • Goal setting
  • Achieving goals and overcoming obstacles
  • Identifying opportunity using market intelligence

Day Two

  • Managing opportunities
  • Developing and working on Account Plans
  • Territory management
  • Time management to optimise selling and minimise distractions
  • Transfer learning – personal action plans

Module 2: Identifying & Creating Value
Day Three

  • Review of Module One
  • Presentations on transfer learning assignments
  • Evaluating the complete sales proposition
  • How to create value and communicate it to customers
  • The Customer Journey – How different customers buy understanding the DMU and DMP

Day Four

  • The Organisational Sales Process
  • How we sell
  • Identifying opportunity
  • Presenting Credentials
  • Fact-finding
  • Clarifying and agreeing the customer’s requirement
  • Transfer learning – personal action plans

Module 3: Selling The Value
Day Five

  • Review of Module Two
  • Presentations on transfer learning assignments
  • How to develop and use personal influence in selling
  • Understanding and using Push-Pull styles
  • Presenting benefits influentially
  • Presenting value influentially
  • Practice sessions

Day Six

  • Gaining insights to human behaviour
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Learning to read body language in others
  • Learning to adopt positive body language techniques
  • Applying influencing and behavioural skills when presenting credentials, proposals and quotes
  • Practical sessions
  • Transfer learning –– personal action plans

Module 4: Winning The Business
Day Seven

  • Review of Module 3
  • Presentations on transfer learning assignments
  • Managing the sale – short and long sales cycle
  • Achieving agreement
  • Assessing and handling objections effectively
  • Preparing for and completing the negotiation to close the sale
  • Practice sessions

Day Eight

  • Developing customer relationships
  • Gaining referrals
  • Major review of entire programme
  • Presentations
  • Transfer learning –– personal action plans
  • Close Programme

ILM Development Programmes

RightTrack Learning is an Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Recognised Provider. This means that we can design training solutions for managers, bespoke to your needs and deliver it to your organisation with the kudos of it being an ILM Endorsed or Development programme.

What are the benefits to my organisation?

  • Assured quality of the learning programme
  • A tailor-made development programme that’s been scrutinised and approved by a world-wide recognised awarding body
  • Enhanced organisational and team engagement and buy-in

What are the benefits to delegates?

Each delegate will receive an ILM certificate and will join 40,000 other members reaping the benefits that come with 12 months free ILM studying membership. Support includes:

  • e-learning modules
  • Case studies
  • News articles
  • Discounts to interactive events
  • Masterclasses
  • Massive resource centre

Is it a qualification?

No, it’s not, but the certificate does confirm full attendance on an ILM recognised programme. Qualifications can be lengthy and relatively inflexible, with a set number of hours learning and strict assessment criteria. Your ILM recognised programme will be flexible in content and duration with optional assessment criteria designed to meet the needs of your organisation.