5 Things Not To Let Slip You by at Work Today

Published on: Thu 22 October 2015 by Admin

On watching the recently released film, Suffragettes, I was reminded of the pain that some women went through to ensure future generations of females had the vote. Members of the movement suffered death, beatings, force feeding and over 1,000 British women were imprisoned as a result of their involvement in the cause.

Today, with the element of choice, voting is exercised by some, however, many women do not take advantage of what was so forceful fought for.  But what else do we take for granted and often let slip us by, particularly in the workplace?

Here are the top 5 opportunities not to let slip by you at work today:
  1. Self-Development. Opportunities to learn are often passed by, ignored, or if it’s compulsory, attended with reluctance. I am sure the HR department weren’t force-fed to get sign off, but nonetheless, at some point someone has put in a lot of effort to get the opportunity set up. Continuous self-development is as important as the day job so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities available to you, lap them up and make yourself great!
  1. Teamwork & Collaboration. We all know the importance of positive teamwork and the benefits individuals as well as organisations gain from it. By focussing on cooperation and collaboration, we can all help to improve the working environment and effectiveness of our outputs. Take a moment today to stand back and appreciate how powerful your team can be when you really work together. It’s a proud feeling; don’t let it pass you by.
  1. Contribution in Meetings. With some forethought and planning we can easily make our contribution to meetings much more meaningful and high impact. We can influence, challenge the status quo, be creative, give constructive feedback or plan to actively support someone else’s ideas. Go on try it!
  1. Engaging with Colleagues. If you have been in the same team for a few years, chances are, like an old couple, you have stopped listening to each other. Are you taking you colleagues for granted? Have a meaningful conversation or do something nice for a colleague today. Show them your appreciation.
  2. Most of us work in environments where we have some degree of freedom, unlike many generations before. The very serious business of work should also be, on occasions, spontaneous and fun. Sometimes it is important to let go and not be a slave to rigid routines. If you are one of the ones who gets serious, then make a conscious effort to loosen up today (see how much better it feels!)

Let’s not take our opportunities for granted and let them slip us by. We can all improve our lot and that of our colleagues by being more aware, positive and proactive. From the RightTrack team, have a great day!

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