Courageous Conversations Team Activity

Activities include:

The three group activities focus on looking at when a courageous conversation needs to happen, as well as how to approach them constructively and effectively.

  • Is it OK or not OK?
  • Wait a S.E.C technique
  • See it in Action

Courageous Conversation Activity

A courageous conversation is something we often avoid. It may include giving negative feedback to friend, sharing a point of view that fundamentally differs to your manager’s, or challenging a colleague on a comment they have made.

To get to a stage where informal sharing of constructive feedback is an accepted part of the workplace culture, we need to dismantle the fear factor surrounding courageous conversations and start making them the norm.

In order to get comfortable with those uncomfortable situations, practice is required. To develop the skills and confidence to speak out in a constructive and confident way, take a look at our ‘Speaking Out & Courageous Conversations’ training programme.

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