Speaking Out & Having Courageous Conversations

Available As:

In-House Training

  • Face-to-face (<15 people)
  • Live Virtual (<15 people)
  • Conferences and events (<500 people)
  • With or without actors
  • Fully customisable


Speaking Out & Courageous Conversations

Encouraging a culture of speaking out results in happier, more harmonious, and productive working environments. Bullying and harassment no longer hides behind the guise of ‘banter’; issues can be nipped in the bud informally between colleagues; and open, honest conversations allow for diversity of thought. However, it can be difficult to let someone know when they have done or said something that has upset or offended us in a way that minimises conflict.

Being able to embrace feedback ourselves is, for many, something which requires practice. This interactive and practical workshop develops skills and confidence regarding when to speak out and how to engage positively in what can sometimes be difficult conversations. It offers easily implementable techniques to deal with and speak out against anything inappropriate, in a constructive and confident way.