What Our Clients Say About Us

The secret to our success is in our caring, in getting to know our customers and the unique teams we meet…

…in recognising the uniqueness of each organisation and then in crafting every element of each project to truly engage and inspire. It makes a difference to us that we make a difference.

We are proud to receive such great feedback from our clients. Check out what people say about the work we do at RightTrack Learning:

Christine Stimpson, HR Director, Pelican Procurement Services

“RightTrack Really do all they can to fully understand your needs. Their approach is such that they get under the skin of the business to enable the creation and delivery of the most appropriate training solutions. I get a real sense of partnership from them and truly value their input to this company’s ongoing development.”

Jasmin Bola, Equality & Diversity Coordinator, University Of Derby

“Thank you all for your support and cooperation. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you. You have all been instrumental in developing the University’s training package which has received excellent feedback from internal colleagues.”

Jennifer Linzmaier, Operational Assistant, St Michaels Support & Care Group

“I would just like to take this opportunity to say that the training delivered by RightTrack was excellent. From excellent communication during the planning stage, to excellent resources and delivery by the RightTrack trainer we found everything to be professional and of the highest possible quality.”

Lee Holland, ICT Service Desk Manager, University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire

“I couldn’t have asked for more from RightTrack. From our first face-to-face meeting I knew I had chosen the right organisation to work with. They filled me with confidence in knowing that they really could help.

Before the training programmes commenced, our training specialist came in and conducted a research session which really helped us identify some of the areas that we need to improve on. He monitored numerous inbound calls into the service desk and provided excellent feedback in terms of what he thought my team were doing well and what they weren’t doing so well…. When he came back to deliver the programme, he was fantastic!

Without a shadow of a doubt, I would certainly recommend RightTrack”

Liz Lynn, Head Of Scientific & Educational Development, Drug Safety Research Unit

“We had a brilliant trainer, who quickly built up a rapport with the group and was ready to tackle the unique challenges of implementing the training in our organisation. The training has already improved the way in which we manage projects and we hope to implement more of the techniques that we learnt in the coming months”

Margo Key, Finance Director (former), Enterprise Inns

“The standard of training, the content of the courses, the presentation quality, the thought behind everything RightTrack does, the support and the way you make the delegates and organisers feel, is top drawer in terms of professionalism, knowledge, and service care, but ultimately every one of us is left with a memorable experience and an immense sense of achieving something. Invaluable in progressing our careers or just making the day job easier.

I am writing to tell you that I now realise how spoilt I was over those years of dealing with RightTrack. When I am attending other programmes, I feel bereft of all those wonderful ingredients that I now realise are exceptional in their own right, let alone having them all together. I have to adjust to less than exceptional and it is not easy.”

Marina Banner, Executive Director, Community Housing Group

“Fabulous – fresh, exciting, inspirational and fun.

“An excellent submission, closely aligned to my brief and professionally presented. Gave me an immediate feeling of confidence that they would be able to deliver for us. Felt as though I didn’t want to read anyone else’s submission and that I wanted to work for them myself. They’ve also worked with Gucci – what more do I need to know!”

Peter Bennett, Learning & Development Manager, Mecca Bingo (Rank Group)

“e-Less Learning is a fantastic approach. I would highly recommend RightTrack and e-Less as an approach for organisations who, like us, prefer the idea of face-to-face learning for subjects like Customer Service, but who need to make use of ‘down time’ rather than taking people off the job for any significant length of time. It has really been embraced by our management teams and as a result, created much more accountability.

It has given us formal training sessions; learning to be built into induction; content for remedial training to address service issues with individuals; and top ups, wherever and whenever we want. Instead of being prescriptive, it’s enabled us to provide each site with a flexible resource that empowers managers to take ownership of developing their own teams, as required.”

Rachel Desmond, Talent & Development Trainer, Virgin Media

“Working with RightTrack was a really great experience. They were very good at maintaining communications with me throughout the process and the facilitator notes that they produced were detailed enough that anyone could pick it up and train it out (but not too detailed that it became cumbersome).

The team worked well with us in adapting the course detail when our focus changed and were really efficient at getting the materials to us on time, despite a lot of changing dates and locations on our part. It was a real pleasure to have worked with RightTrack and I would certainly do it again”.

Tim Hughes, Head of Customer Service (former), Welsh Water

“Thank you for the work you undertook! The training programme was a key part of wider 3-year strategy to transform the service proposition. Welsh Water are pleased they have got to and were voted Best Utility for Customer Service in the UKCSI half-yearly index of 26,000 customers which was the icing on the cake.”


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