Virtual Training Solutions

Through clever technology (easily accessible by anyone, anywhere) we can deliver in-company training ‘live-online’, with all the interactivity and engagement of in-person training…

Neat features like online polls, virtual break-out rooms and interactive white boards mean it’s easy to keep virtual training fast-paced and fun whilst focused on the practical application of the learning. The only difference is that, in the interests of minimising screen-time and maximising effectiveness, we prioritise content or divide what would have been a day in the training room into mini online modules instead.

No matter what subject you have on the agenda, the sector your organisation operates in, or the number of people that need training, we can work with you to design the perfect virtual training or blended learning solution to suit your needs, and the times.

How Does Virtual Training Work?

Virtual Training, also known as Live-Online Learning, is a way of delivering face-to-face training without everyone being in the same room together. Using clever VLP tech (Virtual Learning Platform), we can super-size the average webinar with fancy features that allow attendees to interact with the learning, the facilitator, and each other, like they would in any training-room setting.

All learners need is a computer or tablet hooked up to the internet, an email address so we can send them an invite, and paper and pen to make notes if they want to. Although, with your permission, we can record sessions to share with delegates post-event.

What Can Be Delivered Virtually?

Any topic can be adapted for live-online training – whether for small groups in a virtual classroom setting, in webinar format, or one-to-one remote coaching. As food for thought, subject areas include: