'What's in a Name?' Webinar Download

Learning objectives:

In a bid to hep positive change, join us to explore the role our names play in:

  • Positively connecting with others
  • Building psychological safety
  • Practicing anti-racism
  • Being an ally
  • As well as how to remove the fear factor of ‘getting it wrong’


‘What’s in a Name?’ Webinar

If you missed it and would like to check it out, or if you loved it and would like to share it with others, then here it is…

Everyone’s name tells a story. But how much care do you take to learn a name, pronounce it right and connect with others over the simple exchange of a word?

Sit back and tune in to our second webinar in the ‘We Believe in Brave’ series; 60 minutes of poignant learning, reflective questions and helpful tips.