Mindfulness & Wellbeing Training

Mental ill-health costs the UK economy £94bn annually. In fact, stress, depression and anxiety account for over half of all working days lost due to ill health and it’s estimated the cost to business is £1,035 per employee…

As a result, more and more organisations are investing in employee wellbeing training as a way to positive influence on engagement, retention, absence and productivity; there is evidence to suggest that for every £1 spent on training, organisations can expect a £10 return.

Our suite of corporate Mindfulness and Wellbeing training programmes have been carefully designed with love and passion by a team of specialists in training, therapy and mindfulness. They have been designed specifically for the workplace and share a variety of skills to improve resilience, manage stress and break down taboos around mental ill-health.

Each programme is customisable and can be delivered as full or half days, alone or part of a modular development programme, and as traditional workshops or using actors and forum theatre.