In-Company Training

Whether ‘off-the-shelf’, tailor-made or part of a blended learning solution, we start with what you want to be different as a result of the training and work back from there.

By following a process tried and tested over three decades, we make sure you get an immediate return from investing in your people.

Sure, there’s formal input from the facilitator but the magic happens when we build knowledge and skill through maximum interaction and minimum lecture. We know from experience that’s the only way to leave people feeling inspired, and to make a real difference. But most importantly, every training programme has a strong focus on each delegate, understanding how activity in the training room translates into action in the workplace.

What is In-Company Training?

In-company training means we come to you – wherever you are in the world – to deliver training especially for your people. The best thing about this is that each element of the solution is tailored to have maximum impact on the confidence, competence and productivity of your people, but minimum effect on operations and budget.

Everything is flexible; programme duration, what we cover, how we cover it, the way we support delegates to embed the learning, even the trainer that comes to deliver the training. We work with you from the outset to configure a training solution that gets the best results for you.

Benefits Of In-Company Training

  • In-house training is often more cost-effective per person than an open programme. So even if you only have 3 or 4 people, it’s worth asking for a comparative quote
  • Face-to-face training provides a level of interaction, engagement and one-to-one support that e-learning doesn’t
  • The devil is in the detail! In-house training provides a tailored solution, so you get the biggest bang for your buck