The Best Examples of Customer Service Revealed!

Published on: Fri 21 April 2017 by Admin

Quality customer service is simply essential for any business!

customer service

Great customer service will leave your customers feeling valued and more likely to continue investing in your company. However, just one instance of bad customer service can lose you a customer for life and repeated occurrences could have a significant impact on profit margins!

Customer Service is an artform and requires a fine balance of humour and professionalism. To ensure your business doesn’t lose out, here are some of the amazing examples of how to do customer service right!

Sainsbury’s and the case of the Tiger Bread conundrum

An adorable story from 2011 where Lily Robinson, age 3 and ½, wrote a letter to UK supermarket Sainsbury’s and questioned the naming of one of their products.

She argued that Tiger Bread should be called Giraffe Bread and in all honesty, that is a very astute observation by Lily.

In response to Lily, Sainsbury’s Customer Support Manager Chris King, age 27 and 1/3, wrote a letter back to Lily stating:

“I think renaming tiger bread giraffe bread is a brilliant idea – it looks much more like the blotches on a giraffe than the stripes on a tiger, doesn’t it? It is called tiger bread because the first baker who made it a loooong time ago thought it looked stripey like a tiger. Maybe they were a bit silly.”

He also attached a £3 gift card so her mum could maybe buy some Tiger Bread and maybe some sweeties too.

It was a pretty adorable response and Lily’s mum liked it so much that she posted the letters on her blog which soon went viral. This then sparked a campaign for Sainsbury’s to rename their product so…they did…

Samsung and the freebie hunting dragon

Technology giant Samsung were hit with a rather unique request for a free Galaxy S3. A loyal customer by the name of Shane, who already owned a variety of Samsung products, wondered if he could get his hands on a free S3 for his loyalty and attached a drawing of a dragon to sweeten the deal.

Samsung politely declined the request but did so in the best way possible. They gave a perfectly reasonable explanation to why they couldn’t give Shane a free S3 and sent back some artwork that rivalled Shane’s dragon. They sent a Kangaroo on a unicycle.

It was one of the best battles of “who can draw the best thing on paint?” and a brilliant example of keeping a customer happy and loyal, showing a more human side of a huge corporation and it didn’t cost them a thing. Well, apart from all the time it took to draw that masterful kangaroo.

A Netflix customer lost at sea

Arghhhh maties. A member of the Netflix crew be havin’ trouble with their streamin’ service. See why I’m talking like a pirate by reading the hilarious conversation between a customer and a member of the Netflix support team below.

It’s not often that you come across a support team member of any company with as much witty repartee as that. Bravo!