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Brave Chat: People Count - Using Data to Drive Inclusion

Friday 27 May 12:00 - 13:00

Workplaces can be guilty of making assumptions when trying to understand employees and what it’s like for them to work in the organisation. This is where data can be extremely powerful, highlighting aspects we don’t necessarily see.

We speak to Lauren Wright, Head of Data, Advanced Analytics & Insight at Lloyds Banking Group, on how we can use data to drive change which will impact employees in a positive way.

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Brave Chat: The Role of Vulnerability in Contemporary Leadership

Research shows that employees are more likely to trust leaders they can relate to than those they cannot.

Download our 60-minute discussion with Qasim Majid, CEO of Wow Group Companies as well as founding member and Executive Director of Birmingham Tech, as we explore what being ‘vulnerable’ as a leader entails and what benefits being open with employees unlocks in the workplace.

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Brave Chat: Inclusive Language - The Power of Words

Language means different things to different people; it’s always evolving and sometimes we won’t get it right. But we all have the power to change out language and use it to ensure others are included.

We speak to Megan Key, D&I leader, about why inclusive language is more than words, the line between banter and exclusion and how to start using it effectively in the workplace.

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Brave Chat: Is Allyship the Key to Unlocking the Power of Diversity?

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‘Allyship’ was’s word in 2021. But do you truly know what allyship is and how your organisation can bring together effective and actionable allies in a hybrid working environment?

Sit back and tune in to our Brave Chat with DEI data expert, Betsy Bagley; 60 minutes of learnings, takeaway tips and tangible actions.

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Brave Chat: How to Approach Conversations on Race?

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Research shows that race is a topic that gives most people high levels of discomfort in the workplace. As the ‘revealer events’ of 2020, including the murder of George Floyd have shown, the consequences of failing to deal with race-related issues in the workplace and broader society can be tragic.

Join Dumi Senda and an incredible panel of D&I experts and senior leaders for this insightful discussion.

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