Join us: Tuesday 16th February
12.00 – 13.00 GMT
Everyone welcome!


To celebrate the anniversary of Ukie’s #RaiseTheGame Diversity & Inclusion pledge we are delivering a motivational 60-minute, interactive webinar to reflect on the active part we can play in building an inclusive workplace, starting with accepting and including ourselves.

Dom Shaw, EDI Coordinator, Ukie said: “I have no doubt everyone who takes part in the webinar will leave with something meaningful. Whether that’s how they create a better work/life balance, gain a greater sense of tolerance, and/or to re-evaluate how they positively value themselves.”

Webinar Agenda:

  • ‘Bringing yourself to work’ – what does it mean?
  • Why does it matter to us as individuals, to society, and to our employers?
  • Which bits of you do you bring, and which bits do you leave at home?
  • The barriers to bringing ourselves to work
  • How to remove those barriers
  • The role of tolerance and acceptance
  • Creating a personal commitment to help drive positive change
  • Receive a digital certificate of attendance



RightTrack Learning have really put in the effort to ensure there is a multi-level approach to the webinar where everything covered connects fluidly. The content is accessible to everyone and designed to be interactive and engaging. I look forward to seeing people’s responses after they have taken part as I truly think they won’t regret it!”

Dominic Shaw, EDI Coordinator, Ukie


The standard of training, the content of the courses, the presentation quality, the thought behind everything RightTrack Learning does; the support and the way they make you feel as a delegate, is top drawer in terms of professionalism, knowledge, and service care, but ultimately everyone is left with a memorable experience and an immense sense of achieving something. Invaluable in progressing our careers or just making the day job easier.”

Margo Keys, Finance Director (previous), Enterprise Inns


“The way they create an open an honest environment for the attendees to be able to participate freely with feedback is completely refreshing and innovative.”

Jennifer Crampton, Senior HR Business Partner, Catalyst Housing


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