Business Casual Vs Business Professional – What should you wear to work?

Published on: Mon 12 September 2016 by Admin

Dress code in the workplace is vitally important but has become a bit of a minefield in recent years for both genders.

Are you wearing an appropriate outfit? Are you underdressed? Are you overdressed? Are you dressed too casual? Do you wear the same outfit at a digital start up compared to a working for a large conglomerate?

These are the questions many employees face on a daily basis as the ambiguous topic of workplace attire becomes an even greyer area.

“You can have anything you want. If you dress for it.” – Edith Head

Such a fine line has been drawn between Business Casual and Business Professional and, although guidelines may differ from one company to another, there are still certain rules to follow.

You may be a recent graduate who has finally gained paid employment after months of toughing it out at unpaid internships.

When you finally get that call and you hear the words, “we’d like to offer you the position” you don’t want to be worrying about what to wear on your first day, especially if it’s an immediate start.

Or you may be a veteran of employment but have finally secured your dream position and are lost for what garments you should don.

Thankfully these dilemmas have been solved by T.M. Lewin who have created the infographic with all the answers for both men and women.

Whether you are entering a business formal, business professional, business casual, small business or creative environment the graphic caters for your individual requirements.

These are the essential tips you need to dress correctly at your new workplace and If you found them helpful or know someone about to start a new role, like and share the infographic!

In an office environment what you wear is crucial and you want to get off to the perfect start. If you are in need of the perfect outfit to do just that, take a look at T.M. Lewin’s brilliant range of suits!