Gucci Group: Management & Leadership Training

The Story

The operational skills of the management team were well established. It was time to further develop their people management and business skills.

Having introduced a new appraisal system, Gucci Group sought a training provider to design and deliver a suite of management development modules with careful consideration of the Group’s brand.

The solution comprised of a branded, fast-paced, interactive suite of management development modules supported by Belbin Interface psychometric and practical work-based assignments to focus learning transfer from the training room to the workplace.


The Programme

Module 1: The Role Of The Manager & Performance Management

  • Programme introduction and objectives
  • Clarifying the role of the manager in the context of performance management
  • Understanding how appraisals form part of the performance management process
  • The benefits and potential pitfalls of performance management
  • Planning & managing performance management as a day-to-day process
  • Keeping performance management records
  • Remaining objective with all team members
  • Using the appraisal form
  • Action planning and assignments

Module 2: Planning & Conducting Appraisal Interviews

  • Review of module one assignments
  • Planning an appraisal interview
  • Interview structure and style
  • Questioning skills
  • Giving and receiving feedback using company competency matrix
  • Agreeing individual work-based objectives using company competency matrix
  • Action planning and assignments

Module 3: Leading Individuals & an A-Team

  • Review of module two assignments
  • The role of a leader
  • Understanding the individual’s contribution to team work (Belbin) Team dynamics
  • Assessing team’s strengths & shortcomings against company competencies
  • Using the information to complete appraisal forms
  • Utilising the team to best effect
  • Action planning and assignments

Module 4: Motivating People To High Performance

  • Review of module three assignments
  • What makes people feel good at work?
  • What motivates and demotivates in the workplace?
  • Motivational theories and their practical application at work
  • Ideas to identify and respond to individual motivators (this links with the Belbin activity covered in Module Three)
  • Delegating as a method of motivation
  • Creating a motivational environment
  • Action planning and assignments


Programme Enhancements

Belbin Interplace

The Gucci Group management development programme was enhanced by Belbin Team Roles to assess behavioural strengths and weaknesses of individuals and teams. Belbin is a great, cost-effective tool that helps increase self-awareness, reduce conflict and maximise relationships and build high-performing teams.

Bespoke Work-based Assignments

Carefully designed, practical exercises help delegates translate key learning objectives into a demonstrable change in day-to-day roles. Each assignment enables a structured review of success and challenges, with the programme facilitator, in the following module.


The Impact

  • By the end of Module 4 delegate knowledge and skill had increased by 93%
  • 96% of delegates said that they found the development programme directly relevant and able to support them their day to day management roles at Gucci Group
  • Project sponsors observed an increase in confidence levels and a much greater focus on performance management