Liberty Living – Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Unconscious Bias

The Story

Liberty Living is one of the UK’s largest privately-owned providers of purpose-built student accommodation in prime locations across 19 major university towns and cities. With their staff being spread between Manchester and London, the training needed to be delivered at both venues and pitched at levels including Middle Managers and below. RightTrack’s Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Paula Whelan, arranged an on-site meeting with Project Stakeholders to learn more about the organisation and to finalise the programme content, the audience and the delivery.

The Solution

Following the initial meeting with Paula and Liberty Living, we tailored the programme and specifically the exercises within, for different staff levels, whilst maintaining universal learning outcomes for all members of staff:

  • Explore how unconscious bias affects discretionary efforts, quality and attitudes towards work
  • Understand the filters through which we view and interpret ourselves and other people in the context of recruitment and selection and day to day interactions
  • Appreciate how unconscious bias can adversely affect judgement and decision making and negatively impact on selection in every stage of a recruitment process
  • Experience what micro inequities are and how they can influence performance and decisions
  • Recognise the benefits of Diversity and Inclusion and understand why they should be actively practiced at work and in-service delivery
  • Understand the importance of everyone practicing and promoting Diversity and Inclusion… and know how to do this
  • Be aware of Equality Law (The Equality Act 2010) and understand how it applies to us all
  • Be able to recognise inappropriate and discriminatory behaviours. But most important, to know what to do!
  • Have tangible, positive actions to take back to work

The Results

98% of delegates made pledges after the training to do things differently at work, 97% of delegates would recommend this programme to others and over 81% agreed that this programme exceeded their expectations.

We asked all of the delegates who attended to describe this course to others and here’s what some said…

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