Redditch and Bromsgrove Council – Equality and Diversity with Drama

The Story

In order to be more efficient and effective as local authorities, Redditch Borough Council and neighbouring Bromsgrove District Council share services. Having updated their Equalities Strategy, Dignity at Work Policy and Equal Opportunities Policy, Redditch and Bromsgrove Council appointed RightTrack Learning to provide training for all staff to ensure they understand and are able to apply the policies in their day to day work, and interactions with customers and other members.

A tender was published to seek an experienced provider who:

  • Has a thorough, practical knowledge of the topic and who is able to bring it alive for participants in a creative way
  • Can design a solution to accommodate 900+ employees who fulfil a broad range of operational and support functions, and engage the large numbers of mobile, remote and lone workers
  • Is able to remain sensitive to the needs of individuals whilst helping them to challenge unhelpful beliefs and behaviours, and develop a greater understanding of the subject

The Solution and Programme

Having been successful in the tendering process, we set to work on getting to know Redditch & Bromsgrove Councils; to get a feel for their culture, their successes, challenges, policies, procedures, staff survey results, HR data… and much, much more!

Righttrack Learning created high-impact, participative drama and forum theatre-based training methodologies. Cleverly written and professionally acted scenarios made sure that the programme was relevant to the wide variety of roles and levels of participants. Expert facilitation from Lynne Hunt, our Senior Diversity & Inclusion Training Specialist, ensured that each pre-agreed learning objective was met…

Watch the video below to find out more.

 The Impact

Of the 477 people who have attended the training so far, 73.38% said that their level of confidence to champion Diversity & Inclusion increased as a result of attending the programme.

Quote from Phillipa Smith, Training and OD Adviser

 “It has been an absolute pleasure working with Righttrack on our forum theatre-based programme ‘Inclusion – The part I play’. Right from the start their meticulous attention to detail shone out. From interviews with staff and managers to identify content for the scenarios, to the delivery of the sessions, everything ran smoothly. The service we received from the facilitator, actors and course administrators was second to none, very professional and willing to be flexible to meet our needs.

“The sessions were welcomed by staff who found them “challenging”, “thought provoking”, “eye-opening”, “engaging” and “inspiring”. Most staff rated the training very highly with the majority of the scores in the evaluations being 8 and above out of ten. Staff reported an increase in understanding about inclusion as a result of taking part in the sessions, finding the forum theatre approach enabled them to address thorny issues in a positive way.”

We continue to roll the programme out to the rest of the workforce and support both councils to keep Diversity & Inclusion on the agenda and embed the learning for the future,