Imaginative use of In-house trainers

Published on: Wed 31 July 2013 by Admin

Our experience in working with a broad range of organisations across all sectors is that many organisations are not making the most of the investment they make in training the trainers. In the main, companies restrict the output of the in-house training team to only providing internal skills based development and the training of product knowledge.

One of the qualities usually abundant even in the average trainer is the ability to present information and new ideas in an innovative and creative way, using a range of training methods appropriate to the mix of delegate learning styles. This ability to take information and turn it into interesting learning activity can be applied across a range of different situations outside of the training arena.

For example, one of our clients recently invited two of their most creative trainers to work with the sales team responsible for making product sales presentations. Working together, the trainers were able to suggest a different structure to the sales presentation sessions, a different approach to the content and slides, as well as new ways to engage the buying audience in more participation.

The sales team are delighted and found the input from the trainers extremely useful. They had been totally unaware of how different preferred learning styles of individual buyers influenced the way in which they ‘received’ and understood information, which in turn impacted on the way they made their buying decisions.

This is just one example of how the skills of the in-house trainer can be put to use within a company to increase return on investment (ROI).