Inclusive Leadership: Dramatically changing the way we think

Published on: Mon 2 July 2018 by Admin

Inclusive Leadership

A hot topic in the media and in many other industries, organisations are now realising that ‘Inclusive Leadership’ practices can be game-changing. Successfully engaging and getting the most from every member of staff is fundamental for businesses looking to grow, diversify, attract the best talent and increase productivity.

In previous blogs, we have mentioned the benefits of adopting diversity and inclusion into the work place, including: an 81% increase in performance and productivity; an 84% increase in motivation; an 86% increase in innovation and creativity; 79% more collaboration; and 81% greater engagement and loyalty.

Today, diversity has become part of everyday life and a top priority when it comes to recruitment as organisations see the value in having a diverse workforce. However, that value can never be realised truly without a culture of inclusion.

The role of an inclusive leader is not just about focussing on protected characteristics, it’s much more than that. It’s about appreciating that everyone is an individual with differing needs and opinions. A great, inclusive leader is one that celebrates this, creating an environment where everyone feels able to be themselves; comfortable, included, listened to and supported, no matter who they are.

In a recent collaboration with Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, we ran a Growth Through People ‘Inclusive Leadership: the Low-down and the Game Plan’ workshop. This high-impact workshop demystified the term ‘Inclusive Leadership’ and demonstrated the behaviours that do (and don’t) create inclusive environments.

Best of all, we brought everything to life with real workplace situations using professional actors who used role-play to demonstrate specific scenarios. Our participants went away with both the low-down, and a game plan to ensure that they had the right approach for the future.

Delegate comments included:

“It’s a great insight into what RightTrack do. I felt challenged & pushed out of my comfort zone (learning zone)” Carly Spittle, Charter Court Financial Services, L & D Manager

“Excellent way of engaging audience & encouraging as well as reflection of your own biases” Ann Terry, Engaging Solutions, Exec Coach & Facilitator

“Excellent overview of Inclusive Leadership” Mani Dhillon, Solihull College and University, SME Accountant Manager

“Great snapshot of Inclusive Leadership brought to life in an engaging way” Catherine Hamilton, Inspire 2 Achieve Training & Consultancy, Owner and Director

“Informative without overloading you with info, came away with fresh ideas to implement in the workplace – the added factor of drama workshop was brill + helped absorb information” Lauren Stuart, Associated Independent Stores, Personnel and Training Coordinator

For more information on the programme, contact us.