News Alert: RightTrack Collaborates with the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce

Published on: Mon 19 November 2018 by Admin

RightTrack Learning and the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce are collaborating to bring a participative workshop focusing on Unconscious Bias and how it impacts teams and influences organisations.

The workshop will take place on 27th November 2018 and will use professional actors, cleverly-written scripts and expert facilitation to demonstrate how, if left unchecked, unconscious bias can impact on people, teams and business success.

By using a forum theatre approach, RightTrack guarantee to bring something different; to stimulate emotion and inspire change with a lasting solution.

As a result of attending this programme, attendees will:

  • Recognise the micro-behaviours that are impacting on Inclusive Leadership
  • Learn strategies to reduce the impact of Unconscious Bias
  • Understand the business case for making ‘Inclusivity’ a strategic objective

This fast-paced workshop is an entry level event aimed at managers, senior leaders, HR or employees leading on Diversity and Inclusion changes rather than Diversity and Inclusion coaches and consultants.

If you’re looking to take further steps to embrace diversity and champion inclusivity Register your place now!