Diversity and Inclusion Open Programmes & Webinars

Courageous Conversations Webinar

8th October, 12:30 - 13:30

We are on a mission to make courageous conversations the norm so join us for this 60-minute, interactive webinar as we dismantle the fear-factor we all experience when it comes to difficult conversations.

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Conscious Inclusion Training with Actors

Four modules, starting from 4th November

This comprehensive and interactive online course consists of four EDI modules over eight weeks. The training will not only help you to build confidence and change unconscious habits, but it will also provide you everything you need to lead a diverse team and champion inclusion in the workplace.

EARLY BIRD £400 (then £450)

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Diversity & Inclusion Training for Everyone with Actors

3rd November, 9:30 - 12:30

This hands-on virtual workshop builds self-awareness, practical knowledge and usable skills to practice and champion fair, inclusive, non-discriminatory practice. Most importantly, it’s designed to help everyone to become confident in exploring what can be a difficult and divisive topic.

EARLY BIRD £100 (then £125)

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Unconscious Bias Training with Actors

During this interactive workshop, you will uncover the meaning of unconscious bias as well as what you can do to change perceptions and re-frame your thinking. The training will include real-life scenarios with actors to encourage you to create a personal action plan to drive positive change in your personal life and organisation.


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Unconscious Bias in Recruitment Training with Actors

Are you in charge of recruitment in your organisation? Through clever script writing, goose-bump inducing delivery and professional facilitation, we bring the barriers to inclusive recruitment to life, and plan practical strategies to guard against different types of bias.


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