RightTrack Ramblers Walk 100km in 30 hours for Oxfam!

Published on: Fri 28 July 2017 by Admin

Team Work, Leadership & Personal Development at its VERY Best.

When Sarah piped up in the office one day and asked whether anyone wanted to do the Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge, I listened with interest.

Until she explained what was involved that is! Walking 100km within 30 hours across the South Down to Brighton? Now that did sound like a challenge!

But when our Managing Director said that RightTrack would be right behind us with sponsorship and no one else in the office was insane enough to even consider it, I agreed.

So with two down we had four more to find and Sarah knew just the place to look…

…Knowle Ladies Football Club.

Right ok. Random. But it did the job, and 24 hours later, we had a complete team!

Once we had a team name – RightTrack Ramblers (yes, ultra-cool, I know!) – We were ready to roll.

The RightTrack Ramblers!

Sarah Moore, Programmes Manager,  Righttrack

Claudia Cooney, Lead Director, Righttrack

Rachel Gibson, Optical Recruitment Consultant, Inspired Selections

Sarah Jones, Community Engagement Team Leader, Solihull Council

Mel Faulkner, Teacher, Mapledene Primary School

Sam Smith, Contracts Support Manager, Clarion Housing Group

We arranged a meet up to look at the route, shared out the kit list and booked a date for a mammoth training walk.

And even the test-run turned out to be a personal journey. I learnt so much about myself just walking 20 miles in the 30 degree heat across the stunning Malvern Hills (which is less than a third of the way we have to walk in the actual event by the way!)

I know which toes rub, which knee gives out first, that I start to get shaky if I don’t consume enough calories and that salt is a god-send when you start to feel all strange.

What was even more interesting was observing the intricacies of team roles and where I fitted into that. Working in Learning & Development where teamwork, leadership and personal development are terms I eat for breakfast, I’ve really enjoyed watching everyone pull together.

Already it’s been a beautiful of example of how awesome people can be when they get together to do something that makes a difference.

Yes, it has all taken up work time but the encouragement from colleagues, suppliers and customers has been touching. We have raised over £1500 to contribute to Oxfam’s pledge to beat poverty.

I’m proud of all the hard work we have put in so far and grateful to all those who have supported us.

I would recommend encouraging this kind of thing in the workplace to any one, all day long!

(Although I do write this as I sit in the warm dry office with my feet resting still upon the ground. I’ll check in again on that declaration once we’ve completed the Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge: 100kmm, 30hours. Here we come!)