Santa Claus and Unconscious Bias

Published on: Thu 22 December 2016 by Admin

Once upon a time in a very very cold land far away….

Santa and the elves were hard at work preparing the millions of presents to be delivered to children across the world on Christmas Eve.

Can you just imagine how hard all the elves have to work to make sure every child has a smile on their face on Christmas morning!

However, some elves were working harder than others.

Santa often let the girl elves play during work hours whilst the boy elves have to carry on working.

Santa noticed that at the current rate of production, the factory wouldn’t be able to produce enough presents to give to the world’s children!

This was because the boy elves were demotivated and had had enough! The boy elves then staged a protest outside of the North Pole factory.

It was only then Santa realised that he had been treating the elves differently.

He had been showing Unconscious Bias! Santa was being far more lenient towards the girl elves and that had to change!

Santa quickly called RightTrack Consultancy to help rid him of this bias and a team of their best trainers hopped on the next plane to the North Pole.

They educated Santa on how to recognise his Unconscious Bias. Not addressing it can lead to a very unmotivated workforce which was why toy production was slowing!

After Santa had completed his training, production levels return to normal. In fact, the team of elves were being more productive than ever!

Christmas was saved…by Righttrack!