Self-Coaching ‘One-Point Happier’ Activity for Individuals & Teams

Published on: Tue 18 May 2021 by Claudia Cooney

Practical Tools to be Happier & Healthier

We all rush around putting family, work and chores before ourselves. But whether we like it or not, we only have a finite amount of energy. Putting unrealistic demands on ourselves can lead to stress which, if sustained, can lead to mental ill health.

On an airplane with a child, who should you put the oxygen mask on first – yourself or the child? The answer is yourself. Why? Well, if you pass out from lack of oxygen, how are you going to help the child? Ok, it’s a simple example, but you catch the drift.

In simple terms, looking after yourself isn’t selfish, it’s a necessity. If you are mentally and physically strong, you can be the best version of yourself which is what your employer, your family, and friends (and hopefully yourself) want and need from you.

As part of our Mental Health & Wellbeing Toolkit, that’s jam-packed with self-reflection tools and activities managers can use with their team, we’ve shared the One-Point Happier Self-Coaching Activity.

It’s a wonderfully simple, and insanely effective, way of identifying what specifically you can do to improve how you feel about about yourself, and life in general. Most importantly, it helps to remove the barriers (and excuses) we are all guilty of putting in the way of positive change.

Give it a go! Download the worksheet now.