e-Learning Solutions

Once upon a time e-Learning was over-simplified, painfully-dull, adorned with clipart imagery and, often, satisfying little more than a tick-box.

Now, at our fingertips we have cleverly-designed, engaging suites of online learning that utilises animation, professionally acted scenarios or augmented reality. Now we’re talking!

Off-the-shelf or customisable, we often recommend e-Learning as part of a blended approach, or to compliment face-to-face training, leaving more time in the classroom to engage delegates in activities, meaningful discussion and practical application of the learning.

What is e-Learning?

e-Learning is the act of learning through an online platform via a computer, tablet or mobile phone. e-Learning courses can exist in a variety of forms, use a range of technologies and are commonly used in business corporations throughout the world. This great thing about this methodology is that it is accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time. It is great for large organisations, with a limited budget, who want to share a consistent message to lots of people over a relatively short space of time.

Why e-Learning?

  • e-Learning is a great way of introducing a topic or increasing the knowledge of many people in a short space of time.
  • It perfectly complements other learning methodologies as pre-learning to introduce concepts, facts and figures or post-learning, to help keep learning alive.
  • e-Learning is often a cost-effective way of reaching a large population of people. It is also easily translated into different languages for international teams.

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