e-Less Learning™

e-Less Learning™ is a new business training methodology that every HR or training professional needs to know about.

It’s cost-effective, sensitive to operational needs and great for reaching lots of staff in widespread teams, fast! It is free from reliance on technology, external providers and the hassle of taking staff off the job for any significant time. Best of all, it preserves the engagement and effectiveness of face-to-face learning, embeds and reinforces understanding and skills in ways that e-learning cannot, and promotes an organisation-wide learning culture.

What Is e-Less Learning™?

e-Less Learning™ is a ‘forever resource’ comprised of a series of custom-written training sessions expertly designed to be picked up and facilitated by anyone, anywhere; by managers, team leaders or learning champions and used in team meetings, over a coffee or on the job.  They are short and snappy (10 – 60 minutes) and cleverly designed to run stand-alone or linked to others to form more in-depth modules.

Our B2B e-Less Learning™ sessions can be on any subject of your choice, but particularly those that involve developing self-awareness, communication and behavioural skills within a business. You can use e-Less Learning™ to embed your values, reinforce your customer service ethos, develop sales skills, promote resilience and well-being, entrench a new diversity and inclusion strategy, and much more.

Why e-Less Learning™?

  • e-Less Learning™ is especially good for those who are working with a tight budget per head but fixed on implementing engaging and effective learning
  • It is scalable for large organisations and perfect for dispersed or non-desk-based teams or for whom e-Learning isn’t a viable option
  • e-Less Learning™ is a great way of keeping the learning alive post-training, giving managers more autonomy for their team’s development and helping to create an organisation-wide learning culture