Peter Bennett, Learning & Development Manager, Mecca Bingo (Rank Group)

Published on: Tue 10 April 2018 by Admin

“e-Less Learning is a fantastic approach. I would highly recommend RightTrack and e-Less as an approach for organisations who, like us, prefer the idea of face-to-face learning for subjects like Customer Service, but who need to make use of ‘down time’ rather than taking people off the job for any significant length of time. It has really been embraced by our management teams and as a result, created much more accountability.

It has given us formal training sessions; learning to be built into induction; content for remedial training to address service issues with individuals; and top ups, wherever and whenever we want. Instead of being prescriptive, it’s enabled us to provide each site with a flexible resource that empowers managers to take ownership of developing their own teams, as required.”