The leadership crisis we face today

Published on: Sat 1 October 2016 by Admin

A recent survey by the World Economic Forum found that 86% of respondents believe we are facing a worldwide leadership crisis.

Be it politically or economically, our modern leaders are failing to deal with an array of global issues. Global warming, the financial crisis and the Syrian refugee crisis to name a few.

At a corporate level, leadership is now under critical analysis; especially this year in the wake of the leadership failures at FIFA and Volkswagen.

Poor leadership has a devastating effect on businesses in terms of vision, execution and could invite a culture of mediocrity resulting in poor financials.

Vince Lombardi – “Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, the price which all must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.”

Effective leadership is essential for businesses or corporations of all sizes to succeed which begs the question…

What qualities make an effective modern leader?

Effective Managements Skills – Can you manage your staff and delegate tasks fairly and efficiently?

Competence – You need to set the trend in the workplace. If your staff observe you being capable in all scenarios, then they will follow suit.

Attentive listening – Listen to your staff with undivided attention. You do not want to alienate those you manage by giving off an air of superiority and it is important to keep in touch with the issues and needs of the workforce.

Integrity – Similar to competence, if you say you’re going to do something then go ahead and do it. This will build trust as a result between you and your staff.

Confidence – You need to have confidence in yourself; especially when it comes to decision making. The confident manner you emit will have a knock on effect on those around you.

Calm and Controlled – This is most required in high pressure situations. You need to show staff that you can keep a level head on days when deadlines are looming and stress levels are mounting.

Inspiring – The only way employees will perform to the best of their ability is through motivation. If you can truly inspire, then your staff will go above and beyond the call of duty.

Willingness to embrace change – Change isn’t always a bad thing and being open for discussions on alternative ways of going forward could lead to innovation.

The benefits of leadership training

Nobody is born a leader; the world’s elite are in training from a very young age meaning these qualities are like second nature to them.

It is a near impossible task to excel in all of these qualities on your lonesome which is where leadership training comes in.

Under the tutelage of experts, you could be moulded into the leader you want to be – a self-assured, proficient and credible individual.