RNLI – Creating a Culture of Inclusion

The Story

In alignment with their Diversity and Inclusion agenda, the RNLI were looking to engage nearly 40,000 volunteers, 1,500 employees and 400 managers to cultivate an organisation wide speaking-out, inclusion and respect culture.

RNLI chose RightTrack as their training provider because they liked our ‘non-corporate’ way of thinking and our conversational approach to everything that we do. Our organisational cultures were also very similar so it was important to us that we worked in partnership with them and ensured that the training programme was a perfect match in every way.

They required a training solution for their staff situated all over the UK that would align with previous training initiatives and encompass many diverse cultures.

The Solution

RightTrack’s team of EDI  specialists designed and delivered sessions centred around ‘Creating a Culture of Inclusion’ and ‘EDI for everyone’ for all levels of the RNLI Team.

Due to the geographically dispersed teams within the RNLI, we also proposed that we equip managers and team leaders with a tailor-made, flexible ‘toolkit’ which would not only enhance the face to face learning, but that could provide a common thread that would educate, promote, support, and sustain best practice in Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Respect on a day-to-day basis.

The toolkit included bite-sized learning sessions that could be handpicked and facilitated during team meetings, 1-2-1s or specifically arranged training. Each session focused on presenting a particular topic in a fun and engaging way; provoking thought, discussion and those light-bulb moments that would inspire behavioural change. Every aspect was designed for ease of use by anybody with or without training or facilitation experience.

Some of the learning objectives for this programme were:

  • To be able to appreciate what diversity and inclusion means in the context of the RNLI
  • To explore how barriers to inclusion are established and embedded
  • To appreciate the importance of creating a culture of inclusion and what an inclusive workplace would look like
  • Understanding the compelling business case for actively mainstreaming diversity and inclusion across the RNLI
  • To be able to raise awareness and understand the main barriers to inclusion, in particular unconscious bias, and how it may play out in the workplace
  • Explore the role of the Inclusive Leader and understand how to manage unconscious bias through inclusive leadership
  • Being able to commit to tangible actions to embed diversity and inclusion best practice

The Impact

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