Brave Chat: Inclusive Language - The Power of Words

Thu, 31 March, 2022 13:00 – 14:00 BST


Join us for a Brave Chat: Inclusive Language – The Power of Words.

‘Where do we start with inclusive language?’ – that’s a question we get asked frequently during training workshops and client meetings.

Language means different things to different people, it’s always evolving and sometimes we won’t get it right. But we all have the power to change our language and use it to ensure others are included.

During this free one-hour session we are joined by Megan Key – Diversity & Inclusion Leader at Her Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service as well as a transgender activist, facilitator, public speaker and campaigner (to name but a few!).

Paula and Megan will be discussing why inclusive language is so important, how we can use it to better ourselves and to transform the lives of others and tips on how to start using it effectively in the workplace. After the session, you will also receive a free inclusive language guide, to help put the learnings into action!


We explore:

  • What does inclusive language really mean?
  • What is it that makes us uncomfortable about changing our language?
  • The effect of using exclusive language
  • The ‘We can’t say anything anymore’ perspective
  • The line between banter and exclusion

If you cannot attend, still sign up and we shall send you a recording following the session!


About Brave Chats

Each session, we will be discussing real and meaningful topics with tangible actions as well as providing a safe space for any questions. We invite you to share your questions before and during the chat!


Guest speaker

Megan Key

Megan has been a public servant for 17 years – first as a Probation Officer and then moving into operational and strategic management in Her Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service. In addition, Megan actively campaigns and uses her voice in support of others.



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Brave Chat: Inclusive Language - The Power of Words

Thu, 31 March, 2022 13:00 – 14:00 BST

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