Courageous Conversations Training

In-House Training, Available As:

  • Full or half-day workshop or 1 hour interactive webinar
  • In-person or live virtual
  • Fully customisable
  • Option to enhance with actors
  • Embed learning with Toolkit Takeaways

Courageous Conversations Training Solution 

This workshop tackles the challenges of navigating difficult conversations, particularly those hidden behind ‘banter’ or involving topics like bullying and harassment. It encourages real conversations that embrace different perspectives. But hey, we get it – letting someone know they made a mistake or caused offence can be tough and feel awkward. We’ll explore when we should speak out, how to get over the ‘fear factor’, and the best way to respond (rather than react).

This workshop is designed to level up people’s skills and confidence when it comes to speaking out. It provides easy-to-use techniques to handle difficult conversations in a positive and confident way. By focusing on feedback, communication skills, and conflict resolution, the workshop prepares participants to manage challenging interactions effectively.