Available As:

In-house training

  • Face-to-face (Half or full day for <15 people)
  • Live virtual (3hrs for <15 people)
  • Conferences and events (<500 people)
  • Webinar (1hr for <1000 people)
  • With or without actors
  • Fully customisable


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion for Managers

This interactive workshop takes managers on a journey. First, they discover their own personal motivations for becoming champions of equality and inclusion, before exploring the business benefits in the context of your organisation. We then lead managers to reflect on their own practices, and the dynamics of their own team, to identify barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Finally, using practical activities, video and/or interaction with live actors, we build the skills and confidence leaders need to comply with the law, understand the line between banter, bullying, harassment and discrimination, and to deal with inappropriate behaviour constructively.