Menopause Awareness Training

Available As:

In-House Training

  • Webinar (90 minutes for <1000 people)
  • Face-to-face (<15 people)
  • Live virtual (<15 people)
  • With or without actors
  • Fully customisable


Menopause Awareness Training

Taboos that have prevented people from talking openly about the menopause are finally being challenged. In recent years, we have witnessed open discussions in Parliament, frank explorations in TV documentaries, and awareness campaigns by celebrities like Davina McCall and Penny Lancaster.  

As organisations take steps to provide learning beyond general diversity and inclusion awareness sessions focused purely on the protected characteristics, Menopause Awareness is a new strand on many training agendas. In this session we explore important considerations to encourage a menopause friendly workplace, with dedicated time to co-develop practical actions for staff, managers, and organisations.