From Unconscious Bias To Conscious Inclusion

Available As:

In-House Training

  • Face-to-face (Half or full day for <15 people)
  • Live Virtual (3hrs for <15 people)
  • Conferences and events (<500 people)
  • Webinar (1hr for <1000 people)
  • With or without actors
  • Fully customisable


From Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion

There are numerous studies out there reporting the impact of unconscious bias on our day-to-day interactions. As a result, organisations are losing or missing out on great talent. Many studies show that raising awareness of unconscious bias is not enough to drive meaningful change, so we’re here to take you beyond unconscious bias awareness, to move people towards conscious inclusion.

By moving from simple awareness of unconscious bias to tangible action, this course is designed to equip people with the practical knowledge and confidence to guard against unconscious bias, recognise how it may show up in their day to day, and commit to meaningful actions to consciously include.