Unconscious Bias Training With Actors

Available As:

In-house training

  • Face-to-face (Half or full day for <15 people)
  • Live virtual (3hrs for <15 people)
  • Conferences and events (<500 people)
  • Webinar (1hr for <1000 people)
  • With or without actors
  • Fully customisable


Unconscious Bias Training with Actors

There are numerous studies reporting the impact of unconscious bias on day-to-day interactions; people are treated differently, and not exclusively, because of their gender, race, sexual orientation, weight, height, hair colour and even because of their handshake. As a result, organisations are missing out on cohesive teams, outstanding performance, creativity, attraction, selection and retention of talent…

This session is guided by a specialist and enhanced by two professional actors. We stimulate emotion, penetrate the long-term memory and act as a catalyst for lasting change.