Through a range of initiatives & custom-designed workshops, we’re helping to shake up the games industry. Not only are we working to challenge gender stereotypes, we’re committed to supporting studios of all sizes to increase the diversity profile of teams across all departments and levels.

Currently, just 19% of sector employees are women and 4% are from Black and Minority Ethnic groups. In addition, hot off the press research data from Bryter shows only 27% of female gamers feel women are represented well in the games industry; 48% agree there are not enough strong female characters; and 42% agree there is a lack of racial diversity. Without doubt, Unconscious Bias plays a part in this.

It is time that we quash the assumptions, unpeel the labels and break down the barriers that all of us can create through lack of awareness and quick-thinking.

Through training, we are equipping businesses with the tools to increase diversity and truly champion inclusion, from the top down. Together we will engage the next generation, as diverse as they are, and drive the industry forward.

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