Unconscious Bias Training Solutions

Whether you’re looking for socially distanced face-to-face unconscious bias training, e-learning or virtual ‘live-online’ training (with or without actors!) then we’re here to help…

Unconscious Bias affects every one of us; it is relevant no matter who you are or what you do. The strongest business case lies in raising awareness among senior leaders, managers, recruiters, human resources and customer facing staff. It is also the next logical step for organisations that have already ‘done’ Equality & Diversity training and are wondering, “What’s next?”.

Unconscious Bias in the workplace is mitigated through Workshops, Testing, Coaching, or a combination of all three. We specialise in tailoring Unconscious Bias Training solutions to meet the unique needs of individual customers. Together we can identify the right balance of elements to meet your organisational objectives within budget.


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