Food Manufacturer: Inclusion, Dignity & Respect Training

The Story

In factory environments where some employees work alongside sons and wives and where their fathers worked before them, a clannish culture often develops. With this comes strong loyalty to the employer and the brand, and an immense pool of knowledge and skill. But differences will often surface between departments, groups or families.

This is when friendly banter can go too far and a leg-pull is taken as an insult, where challenging the behaviour of a new manager is treated as bullying and when cultures clash.

RightTrack works with one well-known brand that faced similar challenges. It was when banter and practical jokes were overstepping the mark and some people were no longer as happy at work as they used to be. It was time to get everyone talking about dignity, respect and inclusion.

The Programme

Following factory visits and shop floor tours the RightTrack diversity specialists created programmes linked directly to the business values and strategy. The style of course delivery aimed to hold the interest and attention of even the most resilient. The programmes included some hard-hitting video scenarios that reflected what was happening in the factory. With its own capability to develop scripts for actors and film scenarios, RightTrack was able to enhance massively the impact and quality of the learning at well below usual costs of filming.

Example Video Scenario

The Trainer

Meet Alaba Okuyiga, talking about hot topic, Unconscious Bias

“Feedback has been excellent and with such an inspiring facilitator it would be hard not to be stimulated by his passion for his work that reaches everyone in the audience.”

HR Business Partner