The Meaning Of Employee Engagement

Published on: Wed 13 August 2014 by Admin

The phrase ‘Employee Engagement’ in Management and Leadership Training Programmes is often tossed about like a crowd surfer

From the moment hands are in contact with it, the next moment it’s gone.  

Many managers who are up to their eyes in the turmoil of big challenges and long days really appreciate what ’employee engagement’ is and how job attributes and leadership are at the core of it. See ‘The Meaning of Employee Engagement’ by WILLIAM H. MACEY and BENJAMIN SCHNEIDER.


Advances in employee engagement

Organisations are achieving real advances in employee engagement but if you’re like those in many sectors, struggling to implement continuing cuts; have a scarcity of managers to be ‘there for’ team members – you know how hard it is…

Southwest Airlines successes

I recently directed a client to the HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW article Putting the Service Profit Chain to Work (you’ll need to subscribe to read it) and FORBES article: Southwest Airlines Motivates Its Employees With A Purpose Bigger Than A Paycheck.


“In order to accomplish its vision, Southwest needs every one of its executives, pilots, and employees to work together for a common purpose.” – Carmine Gallo

We debated how companies like Southwest Airlines achieves the staggeringly good results that it does. We also discussed how any organisation, that is committed to lift its employee engagement scores, finds ways of raising itself to the next level – even with a tight head count and skimpy budgets!

Making a difference together

As a training company, we are nourished by meeting dozens of new clients each year. Through our work with them, we find ways  of making a difference together. We know that almost without exception, that these people and their organisations are striving to do better this year, than last.

Those that want to achieve great standards by investing in customer service training may not know about South West Airlines successes but they do know that investing in the Personal Development of their people and consequently in employee engagement, is an absolute must.

Communication skills, unconscious bias awareness, courageous conversations, self-awareness and stress management, and above all Management and Leadership Training are high on the lists of our clients just now.

Understanding employee engagement

It seems to us that instead of crowd-surfing the term, more of us should really get into understanding employee engagement. Then when we see the benefits, the days might not seem so long or the challenges quite so hard.

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