Diversity and Inclusion Calendar 2022 Download


  • Supports D&I initiatives
  • Increases diversity awareness
  • Provides essential information on key dates

Diversity & Inclusion Calendar 2022

For the 2023 Diversity & Inclusion Calendar, click here. 


To create an inclusive workplace, it is essential to be aware of all religious holidays, cultural occasions and national awareness days, weeks and months, such as Eid, Chinese New Year, International Women’s Day and Black History Month (to name but a few!). But keeping track of the key dates can sometimes prove difficult.

So, to get you started, we have produced a Diversity & Inclusion Calendar 2022, which can be used as a guide to support in-house diversity and inclusion strategies and put them into an actionable plan.

Print your calendar, grab a cuppa, and get planning your year! The toolkit will download to your computer ‘Downloads’ folder.