Equality, Diversity & Inclusion training with actors!

Two actors. One specialist. No role-play. And only 18 spaces. 

Live online via Zoom.
£100 – £120 (+VAT.) 

This hands-on workshop builds self-awareness, practical knowledge and usable skills to practice and champion fair, inclusive, non-discriminatory practice. Most importantly, the course is designed to help everyone to become confident in exploring what can be a difficult and divisive topic. 

By the end of the programme you will:

  • Have found your own personal motivation for championing equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Understand how assumptions, stereotypes and different kinds of bias can impact (and how to guard against them)
  • Be confident to know where the line is when it comes to banter, bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Be clued up on the legal stuff
  • Have reflected on their own team dynamics and organisational culture to identify examples of existing best practice and barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Be clear on what tangible actions you can take to drive positive change

Note: please email enquiries@righttracklearning.com if you need us to raise an invoice. 


Finding your Place in the Conversation
The programme opens with a hard-hitting video to remind us that diversity and inclusion unequivocally impacts us all. We follow with a period of reflection, word-clouding and optional sharing of real-life experiences to help colleagues find their own motivation for embarking on the journey to become champions of inclusion.


Drama #1: Addressing assumptions
Scenario one will explore and demonstrate how assumptions, stereotypes and bias can lead us into an unwelcome trap with far-reaching consequences. Delegates observe a meeting between two colleagues, but all is not what it seems on the surface. In virtual break-out rooms, the group are given the opportunity to interact with each of the characters before relating the scenario to their own role and experiences during a small group activity.

Then, in the context of the protected characteristics and beyond, we explore Assumption Busters which start to break down the unhelpful associations that create a barrier to inclusion.


Drama #2: A Step Too Far
In many workplaces a culture of fun between individuals means that a level of banter is commonplace. But when is banter ok and when is it a step too far? The group is introduced to a real-life scenario, brought to life by actors; it is their job to identify which elements are ok and which are not. The scenario is carefully designed to reflect the subtleties and complexities of everyday real-life situations.

Delegates watch a conversation between two colleagues, interact with the characters to understand what was behind some of the comments / responses and suggest ways in which the situation could have been handled differently. This scenario helps delegates to develop a better understanding of subtle complexities of workplace behaviours that can lead to colleagues feeling excluded.


In the Eyes of the Law
We revisit the Step Too Far scenarios, this time through the eyes of the law. We focus on the Equality Act 2010, as well as the definitions of banter, bullying, harassment and discrimination, to ensure consistent understanding and to see if this would change our opinions on whether the behaviours were ok, or not.


Drama #3: Turning a Blind Eye
We introduce a three-step technique to help staff to call out inappropriate comments or behaviours.

The actors perform several short scenarios which demonstrate how conversations don’t always go how we might have planned. With the help of the group, the characters re-enact the conversation using the three-step technique. Delegates will have time to practice the technique to minimise a defensive reaction and maximise the likelihood of a constructive outcome.


Action Planning
Everyone will be encouraged to identify how they can take personal responsibility for diversity and inclusion – what tangible actions can they take?


Don’t just take our word for it…

100% of delegates said they would recommend the workshop to others
91% of delegates rated their skill & confidence in the subject as ‘very’ or ‘extremely high’ as a result of attending the programme
87% came away with tangible actions to implement immediately


“I really liked the idea of using actors to bring alive a dialogue – to make it “real” for the people attending the session. I had no idea how it would work but the gamble paid off – I will certainly use RightTrack Learning again and would recommend them to others looking for such training – well worth the cost!”

Karen Oliver, Talent Acquisition and Development Partner, UCAS


“The standard of training, the content of the courses, the presentation quality, the thought behind everything RightTrack Learning does; the support and the way they make you feel as a delegate, is top drawer in terms of professionalism, knowledge, and service care, but ultimately everyone is left with a memorable experience and an immense sense of achieving something. Invaluable in progressing our careers or just making the day job easier.”

Margo Keys, Finance Director (previous), Enterprise Inns

“The actors that they use in the sessions to act out scenarios and the way they create an open an honest environment for the attendees to be able to participate freely with feedback is completely refreshing and innovative.”

Jennifer Crampton, Senior HR Business Partner, Catalyst Housing

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