Diversity & inclusion Training Toolkits

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Training Toolkits

Our Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) ‘toolkits’ are a collection of interactive conversation starters, mini training activities and self-reflection tools designed for organisations to use in-house to keep the learning alive following workshops, or for Managers and EDI Champions to cascade key messages to their teams.

Each toolkit is comprehensive, interactive and versatile in its design. They are suitable for a variety of settings: team meetings, formal team development sessions, induction, one-to-ones and personal development, and can be facilitated in-person or remotely. Most importantly, each toolkit comes with clear, step-by-step instructions, making them accessible for anyone to use without prior facilitation experience.

Each topic is available ‘off-the-shelf’ or can be customised to algin with your organisation’s values and processes; you can select just one or two, or purchase the whole Diversity & Inclusion Training Toolkit set…