VIDEO: A Touching Reminder for Recruiting Managers

Published on: Wed 2 December 2015 by Admin

Impact when recruiting

Ever since I read about the impact unconscious bias can have on the selection process, I no longer take CVs home to read at the end of a long day of recruiting. And, I always second-check any decisions I make where applicants are on the cusps of making the shortlist, or not.

But not everyone is aware of Unconscious Bias and so continue to make assumptions and discriminate, unconsciously or consciously. Whether it be on gender, frequency of job changes, family name, which university (or lack of)… etc etc.

My colleague, Lynne Hunt, Equality & Diversity Specialist, was introduced to this video by a delegate on a programme we were running at Vesuvius a few weeks ago. We believe it to have been commissioned by the Spanish Government to encourage women who had time away from work raising families to re-enter the job market.

Take just 3 minutes to remind yourself of our responsibilities as recruiters to assessing people fairly and equally. And the benefits diversity will have on your organisation