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55% of People are Too Scared to Talk About Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace for Fear of Saying the Wrong Thing

Of the 1,090 people who responded to our most recent poll, less than half said they are comfortable to talk…


More than Half of People Still Think ‘Equality, Diversity & Inclusion’ is Just Political Correctness

Despite years of consistent, prominent and meaningful conversations in the media about race, sexual harassment, gender, disability, gender identity and…


Book Review: 21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Yuval Harari

“People rarely appreciate their ignorance, because they lock themselves inside an echo chamber of like-minded friends and self-confirming newsfeeds…”


Book Review: Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

For those who want to get into the nitty-gritty of gender bias, this is an on-topic, cutting edge title that should be on your 2021 reading list.


Inclusion Nudges – Guidebook. Lisa Kepinski & Tinna C. Nielsen

“To promote behavioural change and improve decision making for inclusive outcomes, we must as change makers target the subconscious mind more than solely the rational mind” – Lisa Kepinski & Tinna C. Nielsen


Chronicles of Bravery

Read about 2020’s real-life lessons in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, and read four specialists’ predictions for 2021….


We’re Looking for a Freelance Virtual Assistant…

Forming relationships with the people we work with is of upmost importance and as such we would much prefer to…


What is this ‘Managers’ Training Toolkit’ Malarkey?

You may have had your interest piqued by an email or seen something on social media and, despite my best…


Why you Need More Work Socials!

We asked 540 people whether they got involved in work socials and despite all the research that confirms socials are…